About This Blog

Old Olympic Almana
c is, at its heart, our own personal postal experiment. Friends want to keep in touch, but letters take too long, emails are too word-centric, and IM only works when you have internet in your apartment. We started a blog instead, to blog at each other.

That means you'll find newsy updates, pictures of the view outside our windows, snippets of our various creative pursuits, recipes we love, the occasional editorialization, the music that we're listening to. There's no proscribed format, just the parts of our lives that we want to share. The main unifying element is our friendship, and our environment—the Pacific Northwest.

We both love how the NW influences the people who live here. It's not even a west-coast thing…California transplants stand out. We love the climate, which varies from the rainforest of the Olympic Peninsula to the arid deserts of Eastern Washington and Oregon. It’s a land of extremes, and there is a certain kind of beauty and delightful eccentricity that thrives here.

Instead of focusing on what we don't have—which happens all too easily among lifestyle blogs—we're going to focus on what we do have, that we do love. Because there's a lot of it here. The Pacific Northwest is one of the best—no, scratch that. The Pacific Northwest is THE BEST place on earth. We are creative people who live in beautiful places. We think thoughts and live lives, and have enough of an artistic eye to capture those for each other.

Essentially, this blog is the correspondence between friends—but since we like new friends, you're more than welcome to come along!